Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday (Should be Yesterday)

Sorry guys~! i didn't Update my blog yesterday, so tired.. hehe...
anyway, i share some story of yesterday (Tuesday 26/7/2011)

What happen Yesterday? erm... woke up 9 in the morning and receive a call by my sister telling that she going back from KL.. using flight at 6pm from KLIA and arrived Sibu Airport at 8pm... can't wait for this evening to meet her.. i miss u sis! heheh... 

what I'm doing? at noon, after lunch, i going out with my Friends and discuss about Futsal Tournament that gonna being held this weekend (Saturday)...  we join it! haha.. so.. have to practice after this.. stamina! stamina! hehe.. then, we went to Perodua Showroom.. waaa~~ 
Myvi Myvi! hehehe.. 

enough with that, let's continue.. ahha... at the evening, as usual, i went to Taman Tasek.. hehe.. for what?? Jogging lah.. ahhha... healthy life la kononnya.. hahah..  then, went back home at 6.30pm and wash myself and get ready going to Sibu Airport to pick my sis! 

then... suddenly she messages, telling that she going back to her mother-in-law house first then before going back to KL, she will going back to our house.. huh! ruined my mood! :P ok.. nvrmnd... i continue Facebook-ing until 2am chit chat with my friends and ..... 
sleep lor.. haha..


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