Tuesday, July 12, 2011


ok..11 July 2011

wahh. i woke up so early today... its weird that i woke up so early..
what's going on today? fuh! such a boring day...
woke up in the morning and having my breakfast.. homemade vegetables Porridge .. ^^V love it...
thanks mom~~

after finish my breakfast.. yes.. continue my sleep.. :-)
and woke up again at 11am... hahaha..  almost noon oledi.. adoyai!
actually I'm late.. hahha... i forgot that today i have interview.. damn...
what interview??? hehhe... secret. i wont tell u der... :)
rushing take my bath and get ready for interview... !
pick up my friends at 1.30pm.. we go interview together.. hahhaa.... best... :)
arrived at place where we interview 10 minutes early.. waaa... (contoh terbaik, padahal ramai yg dtg lagi awal)
I'm the 1st person to be interviewed .. haha... done with mine at 2.15 something.. take out my lappy and on9.. while waiting for my friends.. :)
1 hour later.. my fwens done with his interview.. haha... yes! let go back home...  opssss.... BACK HOME? nononono.... hang-out lok.. hehhee.... where to hang-out? blurr... and finally... KFC... hahha.. fast-food? oh no... i just have my drinks only. hot milo.. :)
ok.. enough with that.. i think i'm sleepy oledi.. hurm..     z.Z

gud nyte all..  nyte??? it's morning ok.. gudnyte n morning all.. :) eyh!

GOOD NYTEMORNING ALL!   <-- this sound better.. ^^V

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