Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1st Part Of 12 JUly

waaaahhh~~ woke up early again.. 7am...
immediately take bath and brush my teeth.. suddenly this people appeared in my mind... who else if not Heidi and Hafizani... "rindu mok main simbah-simbah air masa cuci gigi.. especially Heidi yg selalu menjadi mangsa." hahhaha... now i realize that how campus life give effect to our life.. :) sik sabar mok jumpa u all... especiallu watimanglandok family.. <3 this family..
ermm.. then, after finishing all that, having my breakfast.. :) simple homemade breakfast, sosej,  half-boiled egg. and hot milo. :) waaa..
after done with it, facebooking, chatting with my friends about football.. hahah football? since when lah... suddnly sejak 2 menjak always talk about football.. minat yg dtg tiba2...^^

ok.. facebook-ing punya facebook-ing.. lastly update my blog.. :)  1st half of 12 july are updated.. hehehe....

see u all again tonight.. ^^V

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