Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2nd Part Of 12 July 2011

wahahaha~~ it's night already.. :)
erm.. let's story something after taking lunch.. erm.. what I'm doing ho?
hehehe.. ofkos updated my blog then online Facebook for a while.. and .... hehe.. SLEEP!!!!
zzzZzzZZzz..... <-- lazy people...

woke up around 4pm and take bath then hang-out.. with who?? hahhaa.. opsss....
so happy... :) do i really happy? not actually.. pretend to be happy.. its better like that...
then jogging at Taman Tasek... hehe.... after jogging, went back home and relax ... take bath and dinner then online... hehhe.. always doing the same things.. huh! boring... my life is so Boring right?

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