Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good Morning!
it's 10.45am already... i woke up at 9.00am and take my bath and so on.. at this moment, at the moment i updated my blog, i having a cup of tea.. ^^V  emmmm.. it's taste good... a cup of tea while updating my blog.. wah! 
okay! let's talk on what i'm going to do today.. ermm..
1. wash my car! <-- hantar kedai jak.. hahaha
2. check my car.. bcoz something went wrong with the air-cond, maybe got something blocking the tube..
3. going to pos laju! (have to post something to my friend heidi)
4. jogging! (mun nya rajin)

heheh.. (>,<)     
i think, that's all for this morning. . . see u all later! bye!

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