Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday! the beginning . . .

 wahhh~!! Monday...
Monday is Beginning! every end must have beginning, if Sunday is the end, so Monday is the Beginning !

OK .. Let's story something about last night.. ^_^ last night went to Port View Seafood Village.. 
I Love Seafood! ^_^
i don't know why, but i really like it so much! heee..

ok let's talk about this place, went there a bit late actually last night but luckily it still open and there a lot of people there... wow! mostly are tourist from various place in the world. This restaurant Situated in Kota Kinabalu Waterfront in the heart of Kota Kinabalu city. They provide modern ambiance with the scenery of the Gaya Island and South China sea. 

what so special about this restaurant? i found it "biasa-biasa saja"  haha.. Seafood lovers have plenty to choose from the cascading rows of aquariums, where clams, crabs, fish, lobsters, and prawns are kept alive. Alive OK! haha... you can choose by yourself what size u want.

To make matters worst, the service was utter rubbish. I had to wait 20 minutes before I could even begin picking my seafood.

The food didn't take long to come. However, they kept putting more dishes on the table even though we were not done with the previous dish yet. I had that 'rushed' feeling as I was afraid the next dish would get cold. I hate this feeling.. 'RUSHED' feeling.. haiya... really hurm...

But, the taste was not bad... ^_^  U know what? The lobsters were priced at RM260 per kilo.! huhu~~ never mind, as long i can eat it.. hahha... I'm not telling u how heavy the lobster that i pick.. haha.. 

erm. actually I'm so tired and sleepy while updating this blog.. i will continue about it tonight k.. want take Nap for a while.. recharge myself. ^_^ 

see u all again later..

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