Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Love You..! You will Always Be Mine!

 you and me is just like a puzzle...
its hard to make we being together,
a lot of things have we go through in order to be together..
but! once we get it, and we stick together in name of love..
u will always be mine! because i love u damn much.!
and i wanna marry u, i want u to be my wife
and i will say this on our big day
"until death do us apart"
I hear you breathe your lying close to me
the shadow's gone I enfold my peace
You make me calm with you I'm safe and warm
Enlight by your side are strength to the night
till eternity that's the way it will be
And I wonder what you're dreaming of
You're so peaceful when you sleep
Everything I want everything I need
Is lying here, in front of me
And if I ever lose my power to fly
Then your love takes me high
I always fiddle to you
Sometimes I think I might lose that all
Cause the chances so small
Cause you hold me close
I feel you near don't let go say you always be here
Just hold me tight and I'll be fine dreaming
You will always be mine
Just like the song
you make me warm inside
like a soft summer breeze
a moment to see so true
I won't stop loving you

You will always be mine!!!!! You will always be mine!!!


Malex Abdullah said...

ayat ko ka stan? waaa~ jiwang2~ XD

eighat yoshi said...

Haha.. sekali sekala dow.. bukan selalu tu malek..